Wall of Shame

For the City of Cleveland:

You asked and we are happy to post the council representatives in Cleveland  who originally voted FOR Red Light Cameras.

Here they are:

Those voting yea: Council Members
Jackson, Britt, Cintron, Coats,
Dolan, Johnson, Jones, Kelley,
Pierce Scott, Polensek, Reed, Rybka,
Sweeney, Westbrook, White, Zone.

Those voting Nay: Council Members
Brady, Cimperman, Conwell,
Gordon, and Lewis.

We would like to applaud the council representatives who voted NO when this measure was introduced.

This information has been taken from the May 4, 2005 City Record, the official publication of Cleveland City Council recording all their meetings. The information is located at the bottom of page 33.

Click here to download the City Record

The second vote regarding RED LIGHT CAMERAS happened 4 years later. Let’s compare who voted one way, then the other. Don’t some people call that “flip-flopping”? The vote taken on March 9, 2009, included how to deal with those pesky LEASED vehicles. Here are YOUR REPRESENTATIVES Cleveland!

Those voting yea: Council Members
Sweeney, Brady, Brancatelli,
Cleveland, Coats, Conwell, Cummins,
Dow, Johnson, Keane, Kelley, Pierce
Scott, Reed, Santiago, Westbrook,
Wilkes and Zone.

Those voting nay: Council Members
Cimperman and Polensek.

We would like to applaud Councilman Cimperman—he voted NAY both times! Councilman Polensek moved from the dark side to the side of the community the second time around.

WHOA!!!! Wait a minute—-I almost forgot to remind you—-November, 2009 was election time in the city of Cleveland. You don’t suppose anyone voted NAY because it was an election year, do you? What a silly thought….

What do you think? How do those two lists compare? For all those skeptics out there who need to see the original documentation, just go right over here for the March 9, 2009 Cleveland City Record.

Page 11, near the bottom, first column.

Glad we could be of service to the citizens of Cleveland! November, 2013 is an election year for YOUR REPRESENTATIVES again!


You asked and  here it is! We are providing the information on your representatives and how they voted on the night of April 26, 2010 as a public service to the people of South Euclid.

The issue: Red Light Cameras—you can call them by any name you choose, they are still photo enforcement cameras-scameras-red light cameras-speed traps-money grabs-flash 4 cash, whatever.

Roll Call:

Ayes: Caroscio, Goodman, Gray, Icove, Simon, Miller.

Nays: None.

Abstain: None.

Absent: Romeo.

The Legislation has Passed Unanimously.

We encourage every citizen to do a little homework. This is the link to the April 26, 2010 vote, your city council representatives took on this issue.


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