East Cleveland Wants the Cameras Down!

June 25, 2011

East Cleveland and Cleveland petitions to get on the November, 2011 ballot will be in circulation at the corner of Lee Rd. and Euclid Ave. from 5PM-7PM on Wednesday, June 29, 2011. You will see us on the corner under the shadowy presence of a red light camera. Just pull into the parking lot at McCall’s Hotel and sign the petition. We have petitions available from East Cleveland, Cleveland and South Euclid. If you haven’t had the opportunity to sign the petition for your community yet, be there Wednesday night. It takes a minute to sign the petition and you will be glad you did.

Haven’t gotten a red light camera ticket yet? It’s just a matter of time. Help us, help you. With enough signatures, the voters of Cleveland, East Cleveland and South Euclid will have the chance to vote on this issue.

Remember, we are 15-0 when this issue is placed on the ballot.

15 communities across the United States have already voted to ban the cameras. Here is some older data on the first 9 communities that banned the cams.

Join us!

If you can assist with petition circulation, please call 216-503-2238 and leave a message.