Chris Finney discusses Red Light Camera Fight with Bill Wills on Cleveland Radio WTAM

September 10, 2014

If you missed the radio interview with Chris Finney on Bill Wills show WTAM 1100AM on Tuesday morning,  this link will take you to the interview.

Vote YES on Issue 35 to ban automated traffic enforcement in Cleveland, Ohio!!


Cleveland City Council Votes To Place Traffic Camera Issue on the Ballot

September 3, 2014

Cleveland City Council did the right thing on Wednesday, September 3, 2014, when they voted to place the traffic camera issue on the November, 2014 ballot. The entire article can be read here at

The entire process was just a formality. Ohio State Law mandates a citizen initiative be put on the ballot if the signatures are verified. (Apparently, Maple Hts. politicians don’t think they have to follow the law. Good luck with that one. You can catch up on that drama right here.)

Councilperson Joe Cimperman has the right idea:

“….because they do not do what they’re supposed to do. They were supposed to make life safer, sure they slow people down, but you see an increase in the number of rear end collisions and you see people speeding as soon as they pass the cameras,” said Cimperman.

We agree councilor!!