Garfield Hts. Is At It Again

June 26, 2011

What is going on in Garfield Hts.? After the voters in Garfield Hts. successfully banned red light and speed cameras in November, 2010, the Garfield Hts. City Council actually wants to put this issue back on the ballot. It’s another safety issue…for the safety of the children. Are there police in Garfield Hts.? Anyone who is “racing” through a school zone deserves to face their accuser in court and get the points on their license. Isn’t it appropriate for police to be in the neighborhoods?  They can be watching for people selling drugs in the proximity of schools and people lurking in the shadows.

Here’s the latest from Garfield Hts

How does paying a fine for a civil violation secure the safety of the children in schools? Isn’t it far wiser to have police pull motorists over so they can sit there red-faced for “racing” through school zones?