Thank you, Cleveland and Maple Heights Voters!

Cleveland voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 35 by a 77.54% to 22.46% margin, according to the unofficial count.  Issue 99’s victory in Maple Heights was nearly as impressive:  76.65% to 23.35%.  The final unofficial countywide numbers are here.

Additionally, both issues carried every single precinct in their respective cities.  Majorities of voters in all 332 precincts in Cleveland approved Issue 35.  Majorities of voters in all 19 precincts of Maple Heights approved Issue 99.  Unofficial precinct results are here. maintains a list of public votes on traffic revenue cameras.  According to this list, Cleveland and Maple Heights rank first and second in Ohio in the percentage of voters who voted to reject the cameras, surpassing Steubenville’s 76.2% majority in a 2006 initiative.  Cleveland’s 77.54% majority surpasses all previous public traffic-camera votes in the U.S. except for Sulphur, Louisiana, where 85.6% of voters rejected the cameras in 2009.  Maple Heights’ 76.65% majority ranks fourth in U.S. history, behind Sulphur, Cleveland, and League City, Texas, where 77.2% of voters rejected red light cameras in 2012.  These rankings could change, as yesterday’s results from Sierra Vista, Arizona are not yet final.

The Camera Removal Team thanks Cleveland voters for their overwhelming support, congratulates our neighbors in Maple Heights on their landslide victory, and hopes that these clear mandates from the voters will motivate our state senators to bring House Bill 69 to a vote before the current session ends.  If not, we will continue to bring camera removal amendments to ballots in other cities and villages in northeast Ohio.


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