Don’t be fooled. Vote YES on 35!

Maybe you’ve seen the slick new TV spot with Mayor Jackson telling you that the traffic revenue cameras are there to protect our kids.  Don’t be fooled.  The city government’s sole purpose in operating these cameras has always been revenue.  The cameras were introduced in 2005 to close a budget gap.

Councilor Brian Cummins, a camera proponent, announced plans to analyze crash data at selected camera intersections.  Mr. Cummins told the Plain Dealer, “Clearly no one has done this type of analysis, and that’s the whole reason why people complain about the program.”  If Mr. Cummins and his colleagues were really concerned about safety, don’t you think they would have looked at the safety data before they voted to renew the camera program in 2009 and expand it in 2013?  Instead, they waited until our petitions had been filed and they knew they would have to justify traffic revenue cameras to the voters.

How many kids do you see walking to school at the exit ramp from 480 onto Grayton Road or on Rocky River Drive by the Hopkins Airport rental car facility?  Don’t be fooled.  Vote YES on 35!


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