Round 1: Signatures are Certified for Traffic Camera Ban!

August 27, 2014

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections has certified 6,613 signatures on the petitions that were turned in last week to ban traffic cameras in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The grassroots group needed 6013 signatures to place this issue on the ballot.

Now, Cleveland City Council will need to meet on September 3, 2014 at noon in order to meet the September 5th filing deadline for the issue. City Council was scheduled to meet on September 8th but that would be too late.

Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley seemed a bit perplexed by the whole thing.

“Since we have to act on this, my goal is to not make things worse by requiring a special election,” Kelley said.


No one would want the city to pay for a special election. We don’t want a special election. But, gee whiz, “we don’t want to make matters worse by requiring a special election.” Read the entire article here.

We can only believe it is difficult for Council President Kelley to accept that a group of residents of Cleveland, Ohio worked tirelessly to put this issue on the ballot. Cleveland doesn’t see many citizen initiated petitions. May this be a wake up call to our elected officials.

You haven’t been listening to us. This is what happens when you don’t listen. Let the people of Cleveland decide.



News Roundup: Week of August 18

August 25, 2014

Here are some articles regarding our filing that appeared in local and national media last week.  We were even mentioned in a Washington Times editorial!

The Plain Dealer, August 19:  Proposed Cleveland traffic-camera ban could head to city voters this November

WOIO 19 Action News, August 19:  Petition filed to outlaw traffic cameras in Cleveland

The Washington Times, August 20:  Trouble in the red-light district

WCPN 90.3 Ideastream, August 20:  Clevelanders to have their say on traffic cameras

WTAM 1100, August 20:  Traffic camera ban submitted for ballot, August 20:  Two Ohio cities to vote on traffic camera bans

WKYC Channel 3, August 22:  Is the clock ticking for Cleveland’s traffic cameras?

The Plain Dealer, August 22:  Following signature review, proposed Cleveland traffic camera ban appears headed to November ballot


Filing Day Pictures

August 22, 2014


Here are a couple of pictures from our filing day.  The group picture above was provided by Chris Finney and originally published on the COAST twitter feed

Reports of our Fizzling are Greatly Exaggerated

August 22, 2014

On Monday night, after we filed our petitions, I searched to see if any of the mainstream media had covered our filing.  They hadn’t as of then, though we have since received a fair amount of coverage.  I did, however, find this 2012 editorial by Bill Applegate of WOIO 19 Action News:

You know, there was a group here called Cuyahoga County for Liberty that started a petition drive back in 2010—but then the whole effort sort of fizzled out.  It’s a shame we can’t be as active on this issue here in Cleveland, Ohio as they are in Cleveland, Texas.  Because those traffic cameras are nothing but a municipal government scam and a violation of due process.

Our effort didn’t fizzle out, Mr. Applegate; it just took a bit longer than we initially expected.  Thanks for agreeing with us about the cameras.  We’d appreciate your support as we prepare to bring this issue before Cleveland voters.